the best twist


the best twist

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"The Angry Black Woman is a racist trope used to deny black women their humanity. Black women aren’t allowed to be complicated — they’re just angry. Black women aren’t allowed to be upset or vulnerable — they’re just angry. Black women are not allowed justifiable reactions to the myriad of bullshit — racist, sexist and otherwise — that they face. Oh, you know those black ladies are just so angry all the time."

The New York Times, Shonda Rhimes & How to Get Away With Being Racist (via americanbornterror)

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its so beautiful right now i want to cry

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forreal tho, surround yourself with loving people who make you crack the fuck up.


going to bed after watching a scary movie


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dudes who get really up in arms about the rights of fictional women to express their sexuality and balance their strength with attractiveness etc etc etc, but never get up off the couch for any other feminist issue affecting any real-life women ever

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